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Pastel Colombian Boa

Pastel Colombian Boa
Pastel Colombian BoaPastel Colombian BoaPastel Colombian Boa
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Common Name: Pastel Colombian Boa

Scientific Name: Boa constrictor imperator 

Food: Provide a water bowl that is large enough for the boa to swim in. Baby and juvenile Pastel Colombian Boa eat pinky, fuzzy or small adult mice. Night feeding is ideal because the boas are more active. Feed your baby Pastel Colombian Boa 1-2 times per week. Adults can be feed every 7-10 days. Pastel Colombian Boa may not eat when they are preparing to shed.

Native to: South America

Maximum Length: 5-7 feet long 

Life Span: 15-20 years  

Please Note: The weights and lengths of our animals may vary slightly

Pastel Red Tail—Columbian Boas are typically known for being more docile and friendly in personality as compared to other boa species. Females can average 6-8 feet in length, males tend to be a bit smaller. With their long life span and bigger size, we would recommend these snakes to a more moderate skilled keeper.

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