Frequently Asked Questions

Not any more. Thank you to all of our wonderful retail customers over the last few years. Our business has continued to grow and set new records. This has unfortunately caused us to have to stop selling online, so that we can better serve our core wholesale business. We are continuing to provide our quality pet store customers around the world with the same outstanding animals that we are known for over the last 32 years. Again, we thank all of our retail customers for their understanding and support.

Yes, you can visit our care sheets category for our various care sheets. Click here for details

Yes, Reptiles by Mack does ship all over the World to most countries however, as an export, international orders require various inspections and fees from the US Fisheries and Wildlife. These necessary, legal requirements will add substantial fees and international shipping charges of between $300 to $500 depending on the country. This is why we only export larger orders and have a minimum order of $3000 USD plus shipping and miscellaneous fees.

We offer a live arrival guarantee as well as 72 hour health guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the quality of your purchase please call us at 937-372-9570. Issues need to be addressed ASAP so we can resolve the problem. If you want to file a claim after hours you can either fax us at 937-372-9580 or email us at

We ship Monday-Friday FedEx next day air, door to door delivery. Orders typically need to be in by 2:00pm Eastern for next day (10.30am) arrival. Orders shipped Friday will have an additional shipping charge of $16 for Saturday delivery.

To the best of our ability these states Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin require a veterinarian certificate of health that is an additional $15. If you do live in one of these states, our wholesale manager can advise you on how best to proceed. Laws and regulations are changing continually and we do our very best to stay up to date, but State compliance is buyer’s responsibility. For more detailed information please contact your responsible state government agency if you have further questions.

We work hard to keep our website and weekly price lists up to date, however, due to a high volume of business and a rapidly changing inventory the animal you ordered may not be in stock. In the event of this happening we will contact you and can usually offer you alturnatives.

The animal in the photos are a good representation of our animals, however all animals are unique and will vary slightly from the pictures.

Sexing of our reptiles are not 100% guaranteed. Babies and Juveniles are usually difficult to sex accurately. Our animal care technicians can try to sex your various orders for a small fee, but we still cannot absolutely guarantee the results. There are some exceptions; we can sex our snakes, pythons, boas, older geckos and bearded dragons.

All animals are individuals and will have different personalities. We cannot guarantee that animals will not bite.

Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be passed between animals and humans. These infectious diseases are not limited to reptile and amphibian pets. By practicing good sanitation and personal hygiene the risk can be minimized. It is also advised to have a policy to recommend that all new pets should examined and tested by a licensed veterinarian prior to introducing them to your customers home. Please visit our zoonotic disease article for more information and resources.

We work with both Tremper Albino and Rainwater Albino in our colonies. Typically, we use Tremper Albino for most color morphs, but we do use the Rainwater for producing Albino Leucistics. Because we no longer track our geckos individually, we cannot say 100% which albino gene was used to produce those geckos.

Our overnight shipping is due to be delivered to your address by 10.30 am to most locations however, circumstances beyond our control can sometimes prevent or delay delivery. In the unusual event that your order is delayed, we will work with FedEx to coordinate the delivery and will do our best to ensure that your order arrives safely. While this service is extremely reliable for most of our orders, Reptiles by Mack does not guarantee a delivery time and cannot refund shipping should your order arrive later than expected. Please note in some areas the 10:30am delivery times may not be available. We will notify you for alternative delivery options if this is the case. Someone must be available to sign for your order. If you cannot be there to sign for and accept your order, please make arrangements to either pick it up from the FedEx depot where it can be received and will be kept in a climate controlled environment. We process and ship orders Monday-Friday. Typically for same day shipping, orders must be in by 2:00 pm eastern time. Please contact us if you would like a Saturday delivery for an additional $16 that is added manually.

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